I have had the amazing opportunity to work with some strong mamas, that are borderline superheros! As each Post Partum and Prenatal Series comes and goes we are building a tribe of women who not only move and grow together, but are a support system for each other! 


- Ashley

Jill Cameron and her BIRTHFIT classes have been a game changer!  As a new Mama, I am so grateful for her offerings and instruction. The BIRTHFIT program has helped me to rebuild my stamina, strength, and overall muscular balance.  After 2 months of classes, I feel more connected, agile, capable, and freer in my body than I have in a long time. I personally have several old injuries that I have struggled to overcome but due to Jill’s training I am finally making true progress and rewiring old muscular patterning.  

Jill is passionate, knowledgeable, professional, and supportive.  She has created a welcoming and supportive environment for Mamas and Babies to come together and share in the journey of building the lives we want.  Both her and her program are incredible and I recommend that all new Mamas in the Roaring Fork Valley come join us.


- Lindsey

I stumbled upon a BIRTHFIT ad on my local swap events page on Facebook. I was 7 months postpartum and was tired of working my butt off and not seeing results and feeling disconnected with my own body. I’ve always wanted to try Crossfit style workouts so I thought this would be a good introduction. This program turned out to be so much more than that for me.

    I’m currently on my 3rd BIRTHFIT postpartum series and I never want to stop! After each class I leave feeling strong and empowered. Mondays and Wednesdays have become my favorite days of the week and I look forward to going to class each week. Dr.Jill is an amazing coach. She really gets to know you as a person and focuses on each person’s strengths and goals. I love how the class is small and all moms, in my same position and we can bring our babies (and occasionally older kiddos too:)

    I started the class just wanting to lose the typical “baby weight”. Now, I feel like I’m not even focused on that at all. I want to be strong and absolutely love seeing my improvements each week. This program has changed my life.”


- Heather

 I experienced lower back and sciatic nerve pain very early on in my pregnancy and was unable to get relief from traditional stretching or massage. After a brief internet search, I came across an article on the benefits of prenatal chiropractic care and decided to give it a try! I was simply looking for short-term relief of lower back pain and instead enjoyed a multitude of unexpected benefits, including better sleep and an overall very smooth labor and delivery .

Some Benefits I enjoyed were decreased lower back pain, reduced round ligament pressure, baby in head down position from week 18 (and stayed that way!!), ability to work out through week 38 of my pregnancy, relief of pressure allowed me to sleep better. In addition to the physical benefits enjoyed, it was so comforting to have a consistent, weekly check-in throughout the duration of my pregnancy.

Dr. Jill's nurturing spirit combined  with her extensive understanding of the pregnant body really put this first time mama at ease, both physically and emotionally. I left each session feeling reassured and refreshed, which is more than I can say for most health-related appointments!